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New Projects

Days 10-12 of Shooting on The Eye in Green Grove Lake

It’s all starting to come together! Thanks to everyone for coming together to make it happen!

Newton 9/11 Memorial

I was happy to be asked back by the city of Newton, IA to commemorate their annual 9/11 memorial service hosted by the local fire department. It was a powerful event and I hope my short film did it justice.

Real Zebos Music Video

It was a real privilege to shoot a video for one of the best bands in Omaha. The guys in the real zeros are crazy creative and lots of fun to work with. Enjoy this crazy little film we put together and check out their brand new album “Strictly Platonic”.

Sack of lions Album Release party

Had to be there for my boys in Sack of Lions as they played to a sold out crowd to promote their new album, “White Lightning”. I was humbled to actually be mentioned on the back of the vinyl release as an “Honorary Lion”. Looking forward to spending a lot more time with these guys as they continue to skyrocket!

Iowa Western HiSet Program

It was great working with all of the successful Iowa Western HiSet candidates to make this inspiring video. Not too late to reach for your dreams!

Last Stop Art Installation

Had the opportunity to build an art installation based off of my film “Last Stop Record Shop” for an artist showcase at the Sokol Auditorium. I’ve always enjoyed mixed media demonstrations in Art Museums so this was a chance to build one of my own. It’s basically a replica of a demented 1970’s basement. Made with 5 pre 1990 tube televisions, seven coaxial cables, a VHS player and 3 splitters, as well as various fun props.

Barn Town & Kros Strain Brewing Collaboration

I’m really proud of this short video I shot at Barn Town Brewing in Des Moines, documenting the creation of a new co-brew to benefit flood victims in Iowa & Nebraska. Check it out!

Last Stop Record Shop available now on VHS!

Jeremy McComb in Omaha

Had a blast shooting this concert over at the Reverb Lounge in Benson. Check out McComb’s music on his website and see my video featured on the homepage!

Doll Productions 2018 highlight reel! My first full year in business! It's been a lot of fun and I've been lucky enough to meet and work with a lot of great people along the way. Big thanks to everyone who took a chance on a new small business and hired me to help promote your brand or shoot your wedding! Look forward to more in 2019!

What I Learned on 38th ave episode 3

Andy and George are joined by our very first guest: Emma Munger.

River Ruckus 2019

Had a blast shooting River Ruckus 2019 in Guthrie Center, IA for the fourth year in a row! Always a great time.

The Eye in Green Grove Lake

Filming on our new feature film has begun. Here are a few spoiler free screenshots from our summer of shooting! Thanks again to the great cast and crew that made it all possible! Look for the new full length film soon!

What I Learned on 38th AVE Podcast

I’ve got a brand new podcast with my good friend Andy Kouri that is currently available on youtube and iTunes soon! After Andy and I became neighbors we decided to start meeting up once a week to talk about basically anything.

Newton, IA Police Memorial

Hats off to all the brave men and women of the Newton Police force. It was an honor to be asked to shoot this short commemorating the fallen officers of the community.

Peters Law Firm

Had a blast working with all the incredibly talented, articulate, and smart people at Peters Law Firm while making this advert. What I love so much about my job is getting to dip my toe into all sorts of different fields of work and learn a little bit from each!

Saint Albert High School

Recently I was able to help out my old High School by creating a short film for their 2019 benefit auction. I interviewed parents, teachers, faculty and current students about their Saint Albert experience. The auction was a big success for the school. Glad I could help out.

Last Stop Record Shop Trailer

That’s a wrap! Initial shooting for our short film Last Stop Record Shop is complete. Check out the trailer and watch for the movie. Coming Soon!

River Ruckus 2018 Video

Check out the video I did for River Ruckus in Guthrie Center, IA this year! Had a lot of fun as always!

Pony Creek video Featured in Atwood magazine

“Directed by George Doll (Doll Productions), Pony Creek’s “Till You’re Mine” music video delivers the song’s vision with an all-too-perfect story of that kismet connection: “It was our first time working with George; he’s an amazing director who really got both Billie and I out of our comfort zones,” Osbahr explains.”

New Commercial Work

Had an amazing time filming this Rodeo in Colfax, IA. I took a more documentary approach to filming this event after going “backstage” and seeing the preparation and courage it takes to mount one of these powerful bucking animals. Pretty impressive. Lots of tight shots with 85mm lenses which I believe enhance the feeling of being there or being one of the nervous riders about to test their luck and skill in the ring.

I always love working on political ads and it’s that time year! Check out the spot I directed for LeAnn Hughes for Iowa State House.

I directed a really fun ad for Gorilla Car Wash and it was a huge undertaking with at least 50+ people involved in production along the way! It's a beautiful weekend, drop by any of the 9 Gorilla Wash Locations in the Omaha/Council Bluffs area and get yourself an amazing car wash!

Had a great time shooting Pony Creek’s new video for their song “Til’ You’re Mine.” Two more days of shooting to go! Look for the video Mid-November.

Jon Jacobsen, another great candidate I had the privilege of working with. Watch for this advert on channel 9 KETV and MeTV!

Proud to work with Doll Distributing, Parks Marina, Budweiser and Folds of Honor to create a film honoring our veterans!

Some screen grabs from my upcoming music video for Sack of Lions's new song "Don't Care". Their second album is dropping soon and it's going to be great! I had the pleasure of following these guys around for a few months, recording their album at ARC Studios, live at the Slowdown and Maloney's Irish Pub It was a blast! Look forward to the video, coming very soon!

Great to work with an amazing new Council Bluff's restaurant 712 on their first TV Spot. It was my first time shooting food. It was challenging but went really well! Check it out.

Getting excited for football season at this Iowa State Cyclones pre-season kick off party at Barn Town Brewing in Des Moines. Great to work with Liebl Marketing on this project!

A few screenshots from my upcoming short film "Last Stop Record Shop". Coming Soon!

I'm currently in Italy and spent time in the ancient walled city of Siena. I was fortunate enough to attend two days of the time trails for the big Palio race yesterday. I had my camera and decided to document the occasion. I loved the pageantry surrounding the race and tried my best to capture the jockeys on horseback. Shooting at 125fps they were still much too fast for me to catch much. If you’ve seen the James Bond film Quantum of Solace you may recognize this event. Bond chases a bad guy over the rooftops of Siena and through the race.

I'm really proud of all my work with The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Midlands! Here's a film I shot that will be shown at their annual fundraising gala tonight in Omaha

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