Academic Writing

All works completed by George Doll during coursework at the University of Iowa


Analysis of the The Last Starfighter

The Sword in the Arcade Cabinet

By George Doll

In this essay the values of the prevailing arcade culture of the early 1980's is compared with the aspirations as goals of Alex Rogan, the protagonist of Nick Castle's The Last Starfighter.

Analysis of Two Lane Black Top

"Here's to your Destruction": Monte Hellman's Two Lane Blacktop

Monte Hellman's iconic late 60's road movie is discussed within the frame of 1960's American New Wave Cinema. 

On Film Noir

The Evolution of the Lounge Time Hero

An analysis of the "Lounge Time" phenomenon in various film noir throughout the decades. 

On Spielberg's Lincoln

Finding Spielberg in Lincoln 

by George Doll

Sound Design in Drive

Repression, Power and the Withheld Voice in Drive

by George Doll