Collected here in this "classics" section are a few films made by George Doll and his reliable coterie of cast members during High School. These films were produced between the years 2010-2012 and have been posted on this website for posterity.

Amateurish, outrageous, and sometimes confusing, nevertheless i'm still very proud of what my close childhood friends and I were able to accomplish and create on weekends, after school and over summer break. These nascent filmmaking attempts are imbued with a lot of great memories. Hopefully you will find some enjoyment here too. 

Note: The longer films are split into 10 minute chunk due to their being uploaded onto Youtube back when content time limits were being enforced for non verified pages.

Be sure to watch these videos in 720p HD for the best viewing experience.


The Crusades Rule 2 (2012)

The sequel to the “Crusades Rule” equally as outrageous as its predecessor, 4 times in length and replete with minotaurs, Robin Hood's Merry Men, Roman Legionaries, King Arthur and his Knights, Time Travel, Sword Fighting and The Holy Grail! Who will control the future of the future of mankind! Watch and find out in the epic final installment of the Crusades Rule series!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 4

The Fold (2012)

Drama following an accountant for a large firm who becomes embroiled in a financial scandal involving money laundering. Submission for the Iowa High School Speech Contest


Hands Benedict: Private investigator (2011)

The story of a grizzled P.I. (Josh Cochran) with two hooks for hands and his search for a missing Hollywood actor embroiled in a mob revenge plot.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Lycanthropacolypse (2011)

A far out zombie gore fest with werewolves, demons and a show stopping performance by my brother Gus as the "Minion", an immortal, trash talking, demon spawn in a halloween mask. 


The Crusades Rule (2010)

The school project that started it all. A farcical re-inactment of the historical Crusades. We follow King Richard and his roving band of mustachioed Knights as they battle the forces of General Saladin of the East.


Other Miscellaneous films and short videos can be found on George’s Old Youtube Page.