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Vinyl fanatics Danny and Richard stumble upon the ticket to saving their fledgling record store when a mysterious stranger leaves a duffle bag full of CD's on their doorstep. Unbeknownst to our heroes the albums are actaully an ultra rare release by famed hippie artist Terry Toad, secretly coated with LSD! The only problem: the duo sold off the CD's to a couple of precocious, vinyl hating, rap music blaring, young ruffians. Hilarity and mind bending halucinations ensue as Danny & Richard hatch a plan to steal back the albums and save their store!

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George, Andy and Robert have been working together to make films since high school. Last Stop Record Shop was conceived while hanging out at Rob’s parent’s house in the early summer of 2018 in a last ditch effort to make a film before the group went their separate ways. The films was shot over three days in June with additional reshoots taking place in late December. The film was mainly shot in the beloved Council Bluffs locale- Kanesville Kollectibles.


George Doll is a filmmaker, editor and writer based in Council Bluffs, IA.


Robert Siegrist (Danny Mitchell) Is an actor based in Los Angeles, CA.


Andy Donaldson (Richard Rinzler) is a filmmaker, editor and graphic designer based in Denver, Co.

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