Short Films

Behind the scenes photo of Robert Siegrist, George Doll and Andy Donaldson

Behind the scenes photo of Robert Siegrist, George Doll and Andy Donaldson

Last Stop Record Shop (2018) coming soon

Vinyl fanatics Danny and Richard stumble upon the ticket to saving their fledgling record store when a mysterious stranger leaves a duffle bag full of CD's on their doorstep. Unbeknownst to our heroes the albums are actaully an ultra rare release by famed hippie artist Terry Toad, secretly coated with LSD! The only problem: the duo sold off the CD's to a couple of precocious, vinyl hating, rap music blaring, young ruffians. Hilarity and mind bending halucinations ensue as Danny & Richard hatch a plan to steal back the albums and save their store!

Starring: Robert Siegrist, Andy Donaldson, Charlie Doll & Augie Kouri

Thesis Project seven (2017)

The story of the failed jam band “Thesis Project Seven”. They reached spectacular heights but one disastrous show ended their revolutionary musical experiment. Disqualified contestant for The Iowa City 48 Hour Film Project! (but an audience favorite!)

Starring: Michael Hamlet, Robert Siegrist, Cameron DeVan & Taylor Cambridge

Character Mural by George Doll depicting many of the wacky characters featured in these old videos.

Character Mural by George Doll depicting many of the wacky characters featured in these old videos.

Dear Mr.Climber (2016)

Evan spends his free time climbing buildings in a college town. His friends think its hazardous and weird until one day he finds a secret trail of notes that leads him to a likeminded individual, perhaps someone who will finally understand him. Beers are drank, hearts and broken and lessons are learned.

Starring: Robert Siegrist, Christina Sullivan, Joe DeSio, George Doll, Cameron DeVan & Mason Beezley


Revolt on Raddok (2015)

The brutal Keslov Cousins rule the Raddok mining colony with an iron fist until two brave siblings escape their clutches and take on the villainous slave drivers!

Starring: Robert Siegrist, Courtney Fostvedt, Andy Donaldson, Mason Beezley, Manny Onate, Andy Kouri, Lucas Luke, Jeremy Sindelar and Charles Doll

Read the prequel comic book here!

The Outlaws of Beck Lake (2014)

Reluctant hero John Mackentire teams up with some unlikely young moonshiners and hatches a plan to write a killer expose on local crime that will put his arch enemy behind bars, get him his newspaper job back, and maybe help him win back the woman he loves.

Starring: Andy Donaldson, Robert Siegrist, Abby Peters, Mason Beezley, Charlie Doll, Josh Cochran, Andy Kouri, George Doll, Alex Kouri, John McGinn and Scott Thuelen.


DoomQuest:2084 (2013)

The story of young friends struggling to make a Super8 sci-fi-fi film in the summer of 1984. When football practice, popularity, and social pressures begin to tear them apart they must work together to evade the clutches of two dastardly drug dealers who’s crimes they accidentally capture on film.

Starring: Gus Doll, Robert Siegrist, Andy Kouri, John Theulen, Charlie Doll, Andy Donaldson, Josh Cochran & Alex Kouri.


“Classics” (2009-2012)

Collected here in this "classics" section are four high school films by George Doll and his reliable coterie of cast members. These films were produced between the years 2009-2012 and have been posted on this website for posterity.

Amateurish, outrageous, and sometimes confusing. Nevertheless I'm still very proud of what my close childhood friends and I were able to accomplish and create on weekends, after school and over Summer breaks. These nascent filmmaking attempts are imbued with a lot of great memories. Hopefully you will find some enjoyment here too. 

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